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The main focus of techaustria.at looks at the rapid growth of the mobile casino sector, particularly the knock-on effects of Adobe’s decision to cease support for Adobe Flash, which has catalyzed HTML5-based gaming platforms, such as HTML5 compatible casino games on smartphones and tablets.

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Below, you will find more information on the growth of the online gaming sector, the importance of mobile casino gambling, the above-mentioned issue with Adobe Flash and their lack of support on Apple mobile devices, and then we finally take a look at HTML5 – i.e. what is it and why is it good for mobile casino gambling?

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The growth in the online gambling sector

Currently, more people than ever go online to place bets – be it via online casinos, sports betting apps or downloadable slots and bingo games. Over the past five years or so, the online gambling trend has moved more towards mobile devices, with users ditching their home computers and laptops for the ease of ‘gambling-on-the-go’ on smartphones and portable tablets.

Several factors have played a role in making online gaming and gambling via mobile devices more popular. First of all, faster internet connection speeds and reliability means heightened consumer trust (and no more being ‘timed out’ all the time during a tense game of poker). Faster, easier to use devices with larger screens have also made gambling on smartphones and tablets easier. Finally, thanks to relaxed restrictions by Apple and Google regarding online casinos being downloaded and played as apps, there is now a huge choice for consumers available, as well as more completion between developer companies to produce better platforms.

With over 4 billion mobile devices currently in circulation around the world, the online gambling sector is only going to keep expanding. Data from Research and Markets shows that the mobile sector will expand by around 18% over the next four years (from 2017-2021).   What’s clear is that this growth is occurring around the world, in all economies.  According to Casinoseniors.com, a specialist portal within the Brazilian online casino sector, mobile gaming growth in Latin American countries can expect to follow a similar pattern to that experienced in more mature European markets.  Planning for a coherent and forward thinking mobile strategy is therefore a primary concern for all technology driven businesses.

The importance of mobile casino gambling

Statista presents more statistical info that highlights the importance of mobile casino gambling. For example, globally, the mobile games market was estimated to be worth over $40 billion in 2017 – a jump of around 30% since 2015. Game downloads, usage and in-app expenditure are all at record highs, and these rates are expected to continue to grow in the near future.

The problem with Adobe Flash – Lack of support on Apple mobile devices?

As of 2020, Adobe will no longer be developing and distributing their popular Flash Player, which for many years was used to run online games on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. Adobe have cited growing competition pressure from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google for their decision to discontinue Flash.

However, for years, most modern mobile devices and desktops have veered away from Flash – an outdated service that had experienced a number of issues when run on mobile devices. In fact, Apple’s iPhones and iPad have never properly supported Flash. This can be seen as a move which will pave way for other media and content players to be developed, particularly HTML5, which most in the business consider to be more secure, advanced and mobile friendly.

What is HTML5 and why is this good for mobile casino gambling?

As Adobe’s Flash has slowly died out, a new form of web technology has gradually become the new standard – particularly when it comes to using mobile devices: HTML5.

Currently, all modern website browsers support HTML5, meaning that app and game developers are more likely to choose this as their platform to create content. Plus, most experts claim its potential to be much higher than any other media player, with more dynamic features, better security and flexible plugin support.

As HTML5 is both desktop and mobile friendly, it allows developers to create one program/app that can be played across multiple devices. This, in turn, reduces development time (i.e. the time used to write the HTML5 code), thus reducing costs for both individual developers and larger tech companies. These are the reasons that we have seen mobile casino gambling move onto HTML5 and away from Flash in recent years.
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