This Resources page of provides a few links to other sites where you can find more information about all the latest tech developments and news. Please note, these links are not to specific articles, but rather the technology sections of some well-known and useful sites. By clicking on each link, you can navigate around the rest of the website to find what you are looking for. >

An excellent site for developers of all abilities, this link directs you to their ‘learn’ section which has many useful resources and articles. >

Wired is one of the world’s most-visited tech websites; here, we point you to their main tech subjection where you can explore a range of topics. >

New Scientist is another popular technology-based site good for everyone, from advanced developers to those with an interest in new devices and cutting-edge science in general. This links directs you straight to their section focused on technology.

BBC (Technology) >

For global news stories relating to everything technology, the BBC’s technology section provides up-to-date stories worth bookmarking for future reference.